09 June 2009

Pumpkin Eater

I like to play games. I came from a not-so-often-game-playing family. Eric came from an often-game-playing family. We are in Texas visiting my family right now, and we brought some games to play. We are pleased to report that Liars' Dice was a hit. We played two rounds, and my dad beat Eric in the second. I was pretty impressed, and my dad said, "I don't play games. That doesn't mean I can't play games."

We've also played a lot of games with my little sister, Marissa, and her boyfriend, Stevan. Last night we were playing Rook, L family style, and we were all having a grand time. Until somebody was upset with a misdeal that was called and decided to cheat. He thought he could hide his cheating eyes from his wife, but ha! Dude, I'm your wife. I know everything. Then there was another game in which somebody else cheated to get even and there was much frowning and dismay and then we all just cleaned the kitchen.

Seriously, though, Eric is a cheater. Don't trust him.

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Dusty and Amy said...

OK. First of all, Dusty is a cheater too. And go look at my latest blog post....