11 June 2009

Too hungry for a title

Last year, in what was the North American summer, I participated in a cooking extravaganza and recipe-reviewing party called Whip It Up. I'm doing it again this year. Are you dying of anticipation? Yes? Good. Send me links to recipes you think I should try. (Please note that your suggestion in no way obligates me to actually try the recipe. I'm looking at you pig's-feet-suggester). Any old person is welcome to join the Whip it Up challenge, so join me!


There was this one time I went to Texas to visit the folks and go to my friend's wedding. And then there was this one time when I came home and couldn't find the cord to my camera. Bummer.


I'm on a Texas Detox Diet. No, really. The alphabet letters on my fridge say so. Eric and I have a lot of recovering to do. I ate wonderful barbecue, Mexican food and other such goodness, and I'm paying for it.


Has anyone seen God Grew Tired of Us about Sudanese refugees to the United States? It will knock your socks off, in a good way. Go rent it.


When I asked for recipe suggestions for Whip it Up, what I really meant was what should I eat for dinner right now? It's 8:30, and I haven't eaten yet. I need to fix something. But what?


La Yen said...

Frosted Flakes. Dinner of champions.

Alice said...

Open face grilled cheese.

AmiZOOKey said...

Chilli - number quick'n'easy default meal - and yes, I am adding this comment even though I still realise this post is from days probably weeks ago :)

AmiZOOKey said...

er - I think I meant that to say "number ONE"

Jenny said...

Hopefully you didn't choose hot dogs.