22 November 2009

"Look all around you for somebody who..."

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 25. It was a happy day, which actually started on Friday.

I had just gotten back from a run to the ladies' room, when I came back to my desk to find my adorably bearded husband sitting in my seat. It was quite a surprise! He had picked me up to take me shopping at the outlets in Park City (since we didn't get to go in August after the family reunion, like we usually do).

We headed out to Park City, grabbed a quick dinner at a Mexican-ish cantina, and then hit our favorite stores. I bought a couple of long-sleeved tees at Old Navy (see one in a below picture), plus a sweater at Old Navy. The Gap was a let-down, but Banana Republic was a hit. I got a fantastic A-line gray skirt, something I've been wanting for quite a while. Even though I'd been wanting one, I hadn't ever buckled down and gone on a shopping trip devoted to finding one. As soon as Eric picked me up, I knew I would be keeping my eyes peeled. Success! Hopefully there will be forthcoming pictures as I am wearing it today along with a really great blouse that I also got at Banana Republic. (For clarity, I am normally FAR too cheap to shop at Banana Republic. I only every shop at the outlet store in Park City. And a few of my favorite pieces of clothing have come from there).

Saturday morning began with the opening of presents from Eric. (Yes, presents even though we went shopping the night before as my present). He got me a butter dish because I have no idea what happened to my last one, and I really needed one. And he got me a Snuggie, which I am wearing right now. Yes, I really did want one. No, you will never see me in it.

Saturday we went to Eric's parents' house where Matt and Michelle are in town. Michelle was throwing a wedding shower for friend of hers when we arrived, so we just hung out with Matt and their new little human.

After the baby shower, the family sang the L-family birthday song.

Then we ate cake and opened presents. Eric's parents bought me some books that I really wanted, and I am uber-happy to have. The first is the box-set of the Little House Series. I had this series as a kid, and I absolutely loved it. Something mysterious happened to it, and that makes me sad. I eagerly look forward to reading this series with my own kids one day.

The other is the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook. I probably shouldn't want anymore cookbooks since the Internets probably have every recipe imaginable, but cookbooks are something that I just love, love, love. It is so much more satisfying following a recipe from a cookbook propped up on my counter than from the laptop propped on the counter (which makes me very nervous) or my scribbled notes that I have taken down rather than prop the laptop on the counter.
The evening consisted of games, an attempt to attend a Mo-Tab concert (we had to watch it via a live feed in the Assembly Hall) and more games. Overall, it was a happy couple of days. And now I can rent a car without it costing a million dollars! Hooray!


Janssen said...

Sounds like a great birthday. A quarter of a century!

Packrat said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great time.

Jenny said...

Happy Happy birthday!
(And I was going to ask who got you that cute baby for your birthday, until you mentioned that he was someone else's new little human)

Lanette said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was fun. =)

trishtator said...

Yay! You'll have to tell me how the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook goes.