15 November 2009

Goodbye, Fall

It's been an abnormally long fall season this year. We just got snow this weekend. Eric's favorite season is fall, and we did a lot to make the most of the beautiful weather we've had.

A walk in Provo Canyon:

The Great Pumpkin Cruise - twice! (Plus Eric walked along the Provo River Trail and took photos of the set up for the Provo Ropes Course's own Halloween River Boat Ride.)

Canoeing on the Provo River near Utah Lake.

Also, funny birds. The one on the left is of a duck with a wacky head. The one on the right is... a completely random bird that we saw walking in our parking lot yesterday. Weird, huh?


Eric said...

Aunt Mimi, who went on the first Great Pumpkin Cruise said later to me, "That was the funnest thing we have ever done!" It was pretty darn cool. Canoeing up and down the Provo River under a full moon with lit Jack O Lanterns on every bow and stern (that is front and back for ye land lubbers)was a lot of fun. Where do I come up with such great ideas? In my head I guess.
They told me I was crazy when I proposed the idea. Some said that it could not be done. Next year I plan on leading a vast flotilla with at least ten boats up the river. I think we should all carry swords.

Packrat said...

Cool! Pretty pictures.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Fall colors suit you perfectly, girl.