21 June 2008

Winter Solstice

It's June 21, which means today was the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. Eric and I went on a nice walk up Fraser's Gully and then back down again. We went to the center of town to check out Dunedin's Mid-Winter Celebration. There was a Scottish folk band playing, and they were great. There were lots of vendors selling various foods that we wanted to buy. But we restrained ourselves with promises of dinner at home.

We got home at 6, giving us 25 minutes to get dinner on the table so we could watch the city's fireworks while we ate. It was great! The fireworks show was nice. Being able to watch it in the warmth of the living room was even nicer.

I love that the days will be getting longer now. So far the winter hasn't been too bad. We've hardly used our heater at all in the last two weeks. Of course, we wear a lot of layers, and we spend a lot of time at Makereta and Matthew's place. I am no longer dreading the rest of winter! It can only get better from here on out!

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Science Teacher Mommy said...

I love the winter constellations in the southern hemisphere. Look for Orion. He is upside down. I always wanted to write about that, and how disconcerting and yet familiar it was to find him at the same time. And was he in the summer sky? I forget.