12 June 2008

More Raranga

I said before that when I wove new things I would take photos and share them. On Wednesday night I made a Kono. It is a four-courner basket. It was surprisingling easy for me to do this one. I only needed Makereta to show me one thing, and that was how to bring the sides up because it is quite different than making a kete. Other than that, I figured out myself how to split the top to cast off (which I had tried to do rather unsuccessfully just a week prior). You may not be able to tell, but splitting strips at the top makes for a much more delicate cast off.

I'm excited to try to make one shallow and broad so we can have a fruit basket.


Alice said...

your work is really great! Will you be able to make a water basket by the time you come home.


A & H Bowen said...

Wow! I am SO impressed! You did great! Love the survive game too...