11 June 2008


Remember yesterday when I mentioned that people ask us if we know how to play Dice? And we tell them that we brought dice to them? Well, here is a conversation I had today in seminary:

Me: Remember, tomorrow is Scripture Mastery game day! So prepare! For the games and the candy!
Zak: We should play the dice game.
Isaac: No, stupid, we can't play that. It's Haki's game. She doesn't have it.
Me: Do you mean Liar's Dice? Because you know how to play that game because of me! We brought it here and taught it to Haki. Haki taught it to you because of us.
Zak: So you have it?
Me: Yes, of course I do.

I'm so glad this game has spread like wildfire.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

If it is so great then do share, do share. Is it a game you buy? Or if you have dice you just need the rules?

Sherry said...

I posted about it and sort of gave the rules back in November. I posted a link to that post on my June 12 post. All you need are dice, cups and the rules. And I'm sure you can find the rules anywhere online. It's a great game because it is so easy to learn, quick to play and great for large and small groups.