03 June 2008

A Weekend in Christchurch

There are approximately 1.5 gazillion things that I need to post about, but for now I will stick to where I went this weekend- Christchurch. I went there for a work conference, and The Eric came with. We drove up Friday night. I spent Saturday at the conference, then Saturday evening we spent time together. Sunday was all ours to go to church then go on a scenic drive. Monday involved more conference and then a drive home.

Let's be honest. You only want the photos, so here they are:
We took a scenic route to get to Christchurch, and it was well worth the bit of extra time and distance. We had some lovely views of the mountains and other landscape. We stopped to take a few photos along the way. Yes, Eric does want to canoe that river. Just like every river he ever sees.
And here is another view from where we stopped at the same place.

Eric loves boats. We rented a two-person kayak and paddled up the river that flows through the botanic gardens.

Eric spent our time in the double kayak paddling. I spent my time taking pictures of us and of ducks. Mostly ducks. Lots and lots of ducks.
We used our camera's timer to take this photo of ourselves in front of the World War I Memorial in downtown Christchurch.
This is the World War I Memorial at night-ish time.
A harbour. With boats. And a peninsula. Also us. Aren't we dashing?
Pretty me. Pretty place. Also, you can see that my hair is darker here. It really is darker!
Pretty cool, huh? I think this will be our Christmas card photo. I love that cameras have timers. And I love it when I find a place to set up the camera so we can take a decent photo of ourselves and don't have to worry about a stranger taking a picture of our feet.

At the end of the scenic route is an abandoned World War II fortification. Much to Eric's dismay, there were no big guns. Only big cement holes where big guns used to be.

Also, I arrived home to check my reader and email and learned that THREE of my friends had babies this weekend. So, congratulations to you three (as if you actually have time to read my blog now that you have babies, suckers!)

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Angela Noelle said...

I love the way the red traffic light behind you in that one shot is crying, "Look at ME, look at me! Don't look at Sherry and The Eric, ME I say!"