03 June 2008

Indiana Jones and a few other things

You know, while it takes forty years to load the photos onto my other post that will probably post after this one, I may as well write a genuine post. With words. And thoughts. The question is, what shall the topic be? I have many things I've been meaning to blog about as well as some recent things that have come to mind:
  • Indiana Jones and the something or Other, which we saw this weekend.
  • Labyrinth, which, let's be honest. I don't know if I can bring myself to think back on the horrors of this film enough to create a coherent post about how terrible it is and how I don't care if it is a cult classic, it never should have been, and no, you should never watch it, and you should not let your children watch it, and ohmygoshitwasjustthatbad!
  • My recently discovered/created tomato soup recipe.
  • The perfect grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Seminary and my teaching tactics.
  • My theories on where babies should be born (hospitals) and why. And why when that time comes there will be drugs. And needles. Large needles in my spine, thank you.
  • What I've been personally gaining from studying the Old Testament.
Anyone with a preference for my next topic may feel free to comment.

I guess I will start out with the first bullet and write about Indiana Jones and the Kindgom of the Crystal Skull. While I was at the conference on Saturday, Eric went out and bought tickets for us to see the new Indy movie. I have seen the others. We owned the third one when I was a kid, so I've seen that one lots of times. I've seen the first and second a couple of times, but I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to movies, so seeing a movie a couple of times is like never having seen it at all.

And I feel like now is a good time for a tangent:The last time I saw Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, it was with a large group of people, most of whom were strangers. Of course, there were some people I knew- Janssen and Bart. Anyway, we went over to Bart's apartment with all these folks to watch it on a projector screen, and when it got to the scene in Nepal (or is it Tibet?) a girl said, "Are they speaking Jewish?" At which point I wanted to scream! Are you kidding me? Seriously? FIRST of all, they are in Nepal, so nobody is Jewish, at least not a bunch of average Joes in a bar. Second, the language is Hebrew. Wow. End tangent.

Anyway, the point is that although I enjoy the films, I am in no way a die-hard fan.

Second tangent: When I was a kid, I taught myself to swing by closing my eyes, pumping my legs, and singing the Indiana Jones themesong. I was quite certain that the song was the reason for my ability to swing higher. I didn't realize that I could achieve the same height without singing the song. Even now when I get on swings I feel the need to hum the tune. End tangent.

Overall, we liked the movie. It was entertaining. The scripting was good. The acting was good. The map was good. The plot- eh. Extraordinarily far-fetched, which is a given to some extent. But this one was so far-fetched that at the end I found myself wondering exactly why it was they were going to get the artifact and what the artifact had to do with the communists. Also, the communists aren't nearly as frightening as the Nazis. If you want a better review, check out an actual movie critic or Ange.

The BEST part about seeing the movie is that when we went to go take our seats and we handed the employee our tickets she said, "Oh. Cinema 5. There was a problem with that cinema, and we've had to cancel all the shows there until it gets fixed. Let me call my manager for you." And the manager came and asked us if we wanted to see the next showing, which was about 40 minutes later, but wasn't a big deal since we really wanted to see the movie and Eric had gone to the trouble of buying the tickets earlier that day. As we were walking to get our new tickets, Eric muttered to me, "Should I see if we can get some concessions comped?" To which I replied in the affirmative. And then, when the manager handed us our new tickets, he also gave us two free movie tickets for ANY movie, no limits! Which means we can see any new movie during any time for free. We are psyched about that.

Sorry for the rambling nature of that entire post. I hope you found it mildly entertaining if not interesting.


Janssen said...

I'd completely forgotten about that crazy girl. What a ridiculous thing to say.

John said...

FWIW the third IJ movie which 'we' owned actually belongs to me. It was a gift for my 18th birthday which I recall receiving at IHOP.

allicat4 said...

Yay for tomato soup, cheese sandwiches, and Indiana Jones chilling with aliens....and his long-lost love....and giant ants!

peregrine said...

I say you use the tickets to see The Fall. If it's in New Zealand. If not, then NZ trumps movies I guess. Even really amazing ones starring Lee Pace.

Bart said...

I can barely remember that night, but I do remember you making fun of that girl. Who was she with, anyway? Did she just come for movie night?