24 June 2008

Not so bad after all

It is a really, really cold day today. I left the house this morning, started the car and was waiting for it to warm up and melt the ice on the windshield when it just kind of fizzled and stopped working. I tried to restart it a couple of times, but it just wouldn't restart. So I came back inside and called the students to cancel seminary for this morning.

I thought about going back to bed but decided just to work on things instead. A good decision because check out this sunrise I would have slept right through.

Definitely worth an early start.


Science Teacher Mommy said...


How is your car?

Bart said...

Even though it's tough to get up early, I LOVE that early morning feeling.

Thanks for the great pictures, by the way. I haven't been commenting on your blog as much as I've been admiring the pictures you post.

Alice said...

mybe your dad knows something about getting up early after all.

A & H Bowen said...

Wow! There is nothing like the sunrises or sunsets in Dunedin! How do miss (as much as we do) somewhere we lived/visited for 4 months??? Beautiful pictures!!