26 June 2008

My Dunedin

Got this from Janssen, who got it from somebody named Janet.

Dunedin, New Zealand

Age: 23

Occupation: Genealogist

I've lived here for: Four months and 12 days, so I'm certainly no expert.

I live here because: Eric got into a one-year grad program, and why not move to New Zealand for a year?

My neighborhood: Roslyn.

My favorite restaurant: Anything Asian, really.

If you go to this restaurant, be sure to order: Something spicy and flavorful. It's all yummy.

My favorite museum: Sadly, I haven't been to any museums yet. But I hear the Otago Museum is pretty awesome, and they have a raranga exhibit going on that I want to go check out.

My favorite tourist destination: Beaches, I think. Not for swimming, just for walking on.

Best insider spot: I really don't know. I'm not what you would call an "insider."

My favorite area: Downtown.

Best place to go shopping: There are no good places for shopping in New Zealand. You do not come here to shop. But, downtown I guess. Actually, no trademe is the best. It's New Zealand's eBay.

When you visit, don’t forget to pack: Fleece. It's cold, even in summer.

But leave room in your suitcase for: Paua shells and Maori art.

The one local cuisine you should try when you’re in town is: Fish and Chips.

The best way to get around: On your feet. Everything is close, and petrol is about $6 (US) per gallon. (So quite your belly-aching, folks that are paying a mere $4.50!)

If I had to describe this city in one word, it would be: Ideal. Nothing is too far away.

I tell my friends to stay at: On my cozy couch-bed. Actually, maybe it isn't cozy. I've never slept on it as I have an actual bed.

The one thing most outsiders don’t know about this city is: that it exists. And, despite it being in New Zealand, it's quite cold. New Zealand is a temperate climate (like England), not tropical (like Fiji).

They say “Virginia is for lovers.” So fill in the blank: Dunedin is for drunk rugby fans. Or anyone else.

Janssen's addition: What do you want to do that you haven't done in your city yet? Go climb Baldwin Street (the steepest street in the world), go to the Olveston Museum, go to the Cadbury Factory, and climb Mount Cargill.

For the best guide to Dunedin check out this site.

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Janssen said...

Awesome. And is this Cadbury like the chocolates?