12 June 2008

The Finished Product

We have finished making our own version of Suvive! Here are a few photos of the final product:

Here is a photo of the board. Check out that sea serpent! Pretty cool, huh?

This next photo was taken in the middle of a game. As you can see most of the sand has been removed, and there are a lot of swimmers!

And this is the photo that we will need to put on the box. See how much fun we're having? Don't you need your own version of the game?


Jennifer Lee said...

Your descriptions of the game have me intrigued. So intrigued, in fact, that I've googled the game instructions and am watching several games on eBay. The question is, what would you say is a reasonable amount to pay for the game? Or could any make their own (obviously not as well as you, but a shoddy copy)?

Sherry said...

Oh my! I just came to have a look at this for no good reason at all, and I realized that I never answered your question! Eek!

I'd say $25 for a really good quality version.

To make your own... Gee, I'm not sure how much it would cost in America. You will need lots of good quality card stock and card board, some high-quality printing, blue paint, Sharpees, Make and Bake clay, metal washers and garage sale stickers.

You can find all the rules and specifics about what goes on each hex online, and making it is a pretty fun project. So if you can't find one on-line for a reasonable price, I say that it is a fun project for you and Somebody to do together. :) In fact, Eric and I are beginning to make two more copies right now for some of our Kiwi friends.