28 June 2007


I hate snakes. I absolutely despise them. I'm positively terrified of them. They frequent my nightmares. Any time I walk through brush, I stomp a lot so snakes know I'm coming and hide from me. Any time I'm canoeing and we pull up to the bank, I'm petrified that a snake of any size is going to jump out, scare me, and then proceed to eat me. Because that's what snakes have done to me numerous times, minus the eating me part.

There are no snakes in New Zealand or Ireland. Let's move there.

Tomorrow and Saturday I will be canoeing down the Snake River, named such because of the snakes which haunt it.* Eric has done it a few times, and he assures me that I will be fine because he did it when he was 11. Last year we went on a back-packing trip, and he told me something very similar. "I did this when I was about eight, so you can do it." I guess he was right. I did it. But, I hated it and have vowed never to do it again. Maybe back-packing, not there, and definitely not for such a distance. So, I guess I'm doubting whether or not Eric is right. Can I really do this? Eric says it was the most stressful canoeing he's ever done. Canoeing is not meant to be stressful!

I'm only going because we are going to see my brother, his wife, three sons and brand new daughter (one week today). Really. That's why I'm going. And because Eric wants me to. And I'm a good wife.

Please pray that I do not get eaten by snakes. Or drown. Both would be bad. Snakes would be worse.

*I realize that Snake River is named because of it's curviness, but that does not further my argument, so I altered that fact.

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your favorite big brother said...

So how afraid of snake are you really? Do you get physically ill when you go to the reptile exhibit at the zoo? I do. Even though the snakes in Jackson, are harmless, they still freak me out.
Glad you could overcome your fears to come see us!