26 June 2007

Favorite Things

My sister-in-law asked via her blog about my favorite things. Of course, I must reply with a few of my own favorites:

1. National Public Radio (NPR). I love NPR. I love listening to it while I walk to and from school. I love listening to it while I work. I love listening while I drive. It's slightly liberal, but I find that far more palatable than being very conservative, which all other news radio is. I love the following shows: The Diane Rehm Show, Radio West with Doug Fabrizio, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, and All Things Considered.

2. Cuddling. I like feeling cozy, warm, safe, and loved.

3. Relishing literature. I feel like I rarely really relish a book. I'm usually working too hard to get through the book to finish it on time or to find out what happens. I love reading well-written paragraphs over and over and enjoying a talent that I don't have.

4. Cooking. I really like trying new recipes and eating new recipes. I get a great sense of satisfaction out of feeding people. Perhaps cooking is my love language.

5. Getting good mail. You know, not bills, not ads, not boring things from BYU. My dad sends me a lot of real mail (usually a note and a package of coupons about once a week). My grandpa used to send a lot of mail too. Mostly cards. For lots of holidays. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, New Years, etc. I love getting mail that is not lame or boring.

6. Show tunes. I'm really not sure why. I've just always loved them. Usually if I am listening to music, it's my show tunes play list. I think it's because I can sing along so much better than the radio-music that I like. My favorites are Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, and Aida.

So, what are your favorites? (Please note that you don't have to put anything about your favorites on your blog if you don't want to. This isn't one of those tag-blogs. Maybe it was, but it's not anymore.)


Bart Bradshaw said...

I have a hard time listening to Doug Fabrizio. Diane Ream is good, though. And that's an excellent choice of show tunes.

Bry and Bri said...

I don't think this started out as a tag-blog. It wasn't what is your favorite color, etc. I think of it as a unique way to get to know someone, by asking them generically what their favorites are. What makes them happy? It was fun to get to know you this way!

Bry and Bri said...

I guess that still sounds like tag-blog. But that wasn't my intention. Sorry if you felt coerced into responding.

Greg_Cruey said...

NPR ranks pretty high up there for me. I love the fact that they're available online, on demand. Conservative or liberal, I appreciate their international focus. Literature comes high on my list, as well. I'm reading Steinbeck "East of Eden" at the moment and when I put it down I'll probably find some Hemingway. Someplace between God and country I'd put University of Tennessee sports (especially football). And (of course) writing is high on my list...