09 June 2007


I've been wanting to go shopping for a while. This is a strange desire for me. I don't usually crave shopping like I do BYU Creamery Chocolate Milk or a hamburger. This urge to go shopping has been nagging at me since the summer began and I realized how badly I need some new summer clothes. Finally, Eric and I went today.

We actually only went to one store, and it wasn't that great, but I did get two new shirts, and so my appetite has been momentarily satisfied. We also went to Bath and Body works which is having a big sale. It's really great timing seeing as how I just finished off some shower gels that Eric got me for Christmas 2005. I find it amusing how quickly money goes when there is a sale.

On the up-side, Eric was working while we shopped. (He takes care of mentally handi-capped guys in a group home, and we took one of them with us because he was in need of some new clothes as well). In the end, we made more money in this shopping trip than we spent. (By we, clearly I mean Eric).

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Janssen said...

Where did you go?