27 June 2007

I can't stop smiling!

Today I got my braces off, and I am incredibly excited. To celebrate, I am showing you pictures of my teeth from the past year or so. I chose to only show my teeth because, as it turns out, most of the pictures that are taken of me are taken when I am camping, canoeing, hiking, or otherwise outdoorsing myself, so I look less than fantastic.

This is a picture of my teeth before braces. As you can see, I had one tooth in particular that stuck out. One person in my youth affectionately referred to it as my "snaggle-tooth." Another person, jokingly, called me Whacked-Out-Tooth-Chick. I didn't like that. When he called me it once, I said, "Well, [name of guy], not everybody's daddy can be a doctor." (His dad was a doctor). That shut him up pretty quickly. (There is hair in my mouth because I was at Delicate Arch in Zion National Park, and it was crazy-windy.

This is a picture when I first got my braces on. The crookedness of the wires emphasizes the crookedness of my teeth. I don't know why Eric was so close to me when he took this picture. I had to wear rubberbands to fix my poor alignment.

At this point, I had had braces for about two months. As you can see, the dontist put springs around the wires to push that snaggle-tooth out. Those springs were intense.

This picture was taken when I had braces about four months. The gap is even bigger than in the other picture. At one point, I could fit a nickel in that gap. And when the dontist decided to close the gap, he put "chains" on which were linked rubberbands rather than seperate rubberbands. The gap closed within 24-hours. Literally. It hurt, but it was exciting!
This picture was taken when I had braces for nine months. I'm not sure why the dontist put a gap in my front teeth, but he did.

In this photo, I had had braces for about 11 months, so I was pretty much done.

And here are my teeth now. Hooray! Beautiful, straight teeth!

Feel free to shower me with compliments.


Kristy said...

Whoa, Sherry! It looks awesome! It's amazing how the teeth can change your whole look. Way to go, woman!

Nina G said...

Sherry: This is Janssen's mom. You look FANTASTIC! Good for you for putting up with braces as an adult. You'll never be sorry -- unless you forget to wear your retainer. That's my dentist's wife coming out. Congratulations!

Janssen said...

That is just fun to look at! You look gorgeous!

Your Favorite Big Brother said...

ooh ahh very beautiful

Bart Bradshaw said...

Very nice teeth, Sherry! That's the best feeling in the world - getting your braces off and feeling those nice big pearly whites and how smooth and straight they are.

Anonymous said...

Sherry, WOW!!!! Beautiful smile!

Holly said...

Beautiful, Sherry! Congratulations! Oooh, I can't wait to get braces! Someday, when I'm a rich genealogist...;)j/k

I've been enjoying your blog for a while now. Fun!

Hillary said...

Wow! Sherry, you look so great. Way to go with putting up with the braces. Logan had braces when we got married and he got them off almost a year later. He was so glad to get them off, and I bet you were too. You look fabulous!

trishtator said...

Those are some fine teeth, Sherry!