18 June 2007

Formative teenage years

Eric's little brother is becoming one of my favorite people. I've known him for the past three years, and it has been wildly amusing watching him develop into the 16-year-old that he is now. I've been thinking about this since he turned 16 in May. He's a relatively laid-back kid and usually puts up with his older siblings' teasing him. It's something you just get used to, I suppose.

Recently he went to EFY. Before going to EFY I'm pretty sure he never even uttered the word "girl." When I first saw him after he got back I said something along the lines of "So, did you meet lots of cute girls that you can take on dates?". To which he proudly responded, "Yes. Lots of them." I was shocked- not that he liked girls, but that he admitted he liked girls. This was something that has never before happened!

A few days later I was at the in-laws' house, and I needed to use the computer. Upon the keyboard I found a list of email addresses of all the kids in his EFY group. He came upstairs and asked me what I was doing. I told him "I just emailed all the girls on this list. I said you thought they were hot and want to go on dates with them. You shouldn't leave your in-box open like that." To which he responded, "Well, I already did that, so you didn't need to." Ha! He hadn't actually done it, but that he took my teasing in stride greatly amused me.

It's been fun watching that kid grow up. I look forward to continuing.


Kristy said...

Dang it, I hate it when they stop getting embarrassed!

Anonymous said...

Sherry, I laughed out loud at your interaction with Andrew. He is such a fun kid. I agree that it has been both amuzing and amazing to watch him grow up!

Janssen said...

Great story - even better here then when you told me online.