20 June 2007

Commuting, bad. Biking, good.

When I mentioned that I had just finished my last class, I lied. You see, I still have my internship to complete. Most family history majors complete their internships at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. I didn't want to do that. Because commuting is a beast. Because I'm not interested in the library-aspect of genealogy. Because I am fascinated with genealogy on the Internet. Because I am interested in digitization and indexing of records. Because I don't want to wear a skirt and pantyhose every day.

And so I pursued my internship at World Vital Records. I chose it because my bishop is the CEO. Because it's an Internet-based genealogical company. Because a girl in a few of my classes works there, and she said I should try to do my internship there. Because it's in Provo, and I can ride my bike there.

I have one more hurdle to jump (the writing of the 8-week internship plan), and then the internship is mine, all mine.

I am so excited to learn and have fun and not commute to Salt Lake City every day. And not wear pantyhose when it's 4 billion degrees outside.

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Bart Bradshaw said...


You were right. It's too hot these days to ride my bike to work. I think I can get away with September to May, but June through August I'm driving (Janssen drops me off, rather).

By the way, these ones. ;)