04 July 2007


As it turns out there ARE snakes on the Snake River. Eric picked one up. I did not see any snakes, but everybody else saw at least one. I did see a variety of other wildlife, though. I saw:

· countless geese. The brown and white kind. Lots of them.

· numerous pelicans. We canoed right past a slew of them, and they promptly flew away as we canoed past.

· two river otters. They were cute and swimmy.

· two bald eagles. One in flight, and one on a perch. Very cool.

· one bison. It was standing in the trees.

· one moose. As we approached a fork in the river, we went to the left, when the forks combined again, we noticed the moose in the branch we did not go down (and wouldn’t have been able to canoe down if we had wanted to). The moose was large, like

· one wolf. Yes, I saw a wolf. At first I thought it was a very large coyote, but when we got back to the visitor’s center, I looked at pictures of wolves and coyotes, and it was definitely a wolf that I saw. I was sitting in the car in a parking lot, and the wolf just walked on by. A WOLF. Top that.

Plus, I got to see my brother, his wife, their three sons, and their brand new daughter. Here is a picture with my niece. She is the third niece for us this calendar year. She is the first one for us to meet. (Please don't laugh at me. I was wearing no make-up and had been canoeing for hours and hours and hours that day).

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