19 July 2007

Alli, how I love thee...in that normal-friend-sort-of-way

Have I ever told you about my friend, Alli? Well, she is cool. And here are just a couple of reasons that I think Alli is cool.

She brought me back a shopping bag from France. The kind that you take to the store over and over so that you don't have to use plastic bags, and you can save the world one plastic bag at a time. It was such a cool, simple thing. Unfortunately, I went to the grocery store about five times before I finally remembered to take my new shopping bag along with me. Today I remembered and I felt so cool asking the girl to load my bag instead of giving me fourteen different plastic bags. And then I walked out of the store with my fancy-pants, earth-friendly, Carrefour shopping bag. (Just so you know, Alli told me that Carrefour is "better than Wal-Mart" to which I replied, "Isn't everything better than Wal-Mart?").

And the second reason Alli is cool. When she ordered the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows months ago, she told me I could borrow it when she was finished. And I have been eagerly anticipating that day- the day she would be finished and we could complete the Trading of The Book. Tonight when I arrived at the lab, Alli told me that she is not allowing herself to read the book until she is finished with her classes because she has two 30-page papers due 9 August. I am sad that she is delaying her reading of The Book, and I hope nobody spoils it for her. But, I am happy because I'm going with her tomorrow night to pick up her copy and take it to my house where I will read voraciously until I fall asleep. Then I will read voraciously again until... until when? I don't know.

The point is, Alli is really cool. Not just because she brought me a shopping bag from Europe, and not just because she's letting me read her HP before she is going to read it, but because she just is.


Bart Bradshaw said...

Have you read any yet? We're loving it! It's crazy that all the answers are there in the pages on our bedside table! Janssen's afraid to go online much in fear she might come across spoilers. It's already all on Wikipedia - what happens and who dies, that is. I refrained from looking, though my tendency is to look.

Sherry said...

I usually read the last page of a book some time before I've finished the book itself. I've read the last line and skimmed the last page. It was a bad idea. :( I mean, I don't know what happens, but I know things. So, yeah... Don't do that!

Hillary said...

I just found your blog off of your Facebook page. And I'm thinking of adding it to ours so I can check it every once and awhile. And I'm glad you put books on your site that you like because I'm always looking to read something good.