30 July 2007

A weekend in Jackson Hole

This weekend Spouse and I went to Jackson Hole to visit my brother and his family- more specifically, for my niece's blessing, which was on Sunday. Of course, we had an enjoyable time.

On Saturday we went to "the park" as they call it. You and I would call it Teton National Park. We hiked to Hidden Falls (which actually aren't so very hidden after all). Eric and I took a detour to Inspiration Point and then caught back up with the rest of the crew. It rained during the hike, but it was mostly pleasant and not too cold. We spent some of the rainy time hiding under trees, which worked rather effectively. The boys climbed on about every big rock they saw, which of course made the three-year-old boy also want to climb all the rocks, too. As we hiked we played the alphabet came in the following categories: animals, Harry Potter and Star Wars. It was a fun way to pass the time.

After the hike we ate a picnic lunch, and then my brother took Eric and I to see a house that his company built. (Meaning the company he works for, not his very own company). Eric and I rather liked the house- it's in the new, European style, so the hallways and stairways are narrower at one end than the others. Plus, the corners in the rooms are not usually 90-degree angles. There were windows that went from floor to ceiling throughout the house. Every bedroom had its very own bathroom with separate shower and tub. There was a media room with a large wall that will soon hold a projection screen. Plus, there were top-notch appliances throughout the house. If we don't go to New Zealand, Eric and I have decided to buy a house. We'll probably buy that one since it is only $4.5 million. (Which reminds me that I need to have a rant about people with far too much money, seeing as how the people who actually do buy that house will only use it for about a month or so every year).

Then we went to my sister-in-law's parents' house where we had lots of great food, jumped on the trampoline with the kids, and went fishing, or at least watched the kids fish. When Dave (the three-year-old) could not catch a fish, I told him the fish were asleep. He told me to wake them up.

On Sunday while everyone was getting ready for church, Dave said some very adorable things: Regarding his baby sister, "Her's not weady yet. Her's in her 'jamas." And when we were all ready for church, "Us is weady to wock'n'woll." Yeah, he's pretty cute, especially the part where he hasn't figured out the difference between subject nouns and object nouns. And that he can't say his r's. That always makes a kid cuter.

Following church, we had a delicious lunch prepared mostly by John and Nicole. We had fajitas, and YUM. I've got to get access to a grill. That's all there is to it.

It was a fun trip, and we made great timing to and fro. Most importantly, we were able to attend the baby's blessing. I had to represent my side of the family since John and I are the lone ones out here in the Mountain West.


Janssen said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I miss my nieces and nephews. . . .

John said...

We sure enjoyed having you both visit us.
Zam Wessel...We never finished our Star Wars Alphabet game. We got stuck on 'Z.'
Zam Wessel was the one in movie II who was sent to kill the Padme.
We hope you will join us at Lagoon in a few weeks too!