26 January 2011

Trip to Texas

We went to Texas to introduce my folks to the Mancub, and so we could visit with the family and see the Mancub's cousin who was born just 16 days after him.

My mom enjoyed singing to the Mancub. My dad enjoyed holding the Mancub, as long as he didn't have to battle him with the binky. (For some reason we are constantly having to remind our child that he likes his binky. When he's really tired he will fight it, which is ironic because it is exactly what he needs to calm himself.)

My sister was out of town most of the weekend that I was in town, but we got together for a little bit on her birthday, and I was glad she got to meet the Mancub.

Marissa had her baby sixteen days after I had mine. It was interesting to compare the two babies. I tend to think that babies are just babies, but these two are actually very different in personalities. Some people described the Mancub as "aggressive." I prefer the word "decisive."

Marissa's baby eats a ton! But he is not a ravenous eater like mine.

Eric enjoyed bathing the Mancub in the sink every night. The Mancub also enjoyed it.


Priscilla said...

Your child "decisive"?! I couldn't imagine it.

Angela Noelle of SK said...

I love your quest for words with more appropriate connotations. I also love seeing you hold your little guy and seeing Eric bathe him. So awesome.

Annie said...

Sure wish we could have seen y'all, perhaps next time we're both in the same time zone

P1 Steven said...

Sammy LOVED his baths & still does. It is one of his favorite activities...