06 January 2011

One Month

Today the Mancub is one month old. I feel like he's been around a lot longer than that. People often ask if he's a good sleeper. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Last night was pretty good with two four-hour stretches of sleep. Of course, the first middle-of-the-night feeding lasted 90 minutes because he just would not go back to sleep. This is a new problem we are battling, but I'm sure we'll get past it.

People also ask if he is a good eater, and the answer to that is a wholehearted, "YES!" I feel incredibly fortunate that breastfeeding was never a challenge for him or for me. I definitely feel closer to him and more attached to him while I'm nursing him than any other time (thanks, oxytocin!).

His current favorite things are: eating, swinging, bathing, being swaddled, hanging out in his carseat (whether on a drive or not), and rolling from his belly as soon as we put him down for tummy time. He is not a fan of diaper changes or being naked in general (besides baths). He makes really funny faces while he sleeps and eats - I'll have to post a few more pictures some time.

Here are pictures that Gina with Golden June Photography took of the Mancub. Aren't they delightful?

These last two are my favorites. The left one we have dubbed "The Thinker," and the right one has made me decide to call him the Dalai Lama of Babies. Doesn't he look so wise?

There are a couple of more photos that Gina posted. You should check them out.


trishtator said...

So cute! He seems like he's a deep thinker. If so, he must fit quite well in your household :)

Jana said...

He's such a cute baby! I'm glad breastfeeding has been such a good experience; I loved nursing my babies.

Gina said...

Glad everything is going so well. I love that last one too! He does look so wise. I'll bring the CD over on Monday. Will you be around?

Packrat said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby and mama.