27 January 2011

Mairzy Doats

When I was a kid my mom would sing "Mairzy Doats." I had completely forgotten it until she was singing it to the Mancub. It was stuck in my head the whole way home from Texas, and I've been singing it to the Mancub since then.

Then I found this video of a little girl singing the song on "The Lawrence Welk Show." Eric's Grandpa L. LOVED "The Lawrence Welk Show." He watched the reruns just about every day. We watched a few episodes with him, and I was always impressed that he knew the words to every song, but then Grandma reminded me that it was because he'd seen all the episodes so many times.


Jenny said...

I watched the Lawrence Welk show LOTS and LOTS as a child...

Alice said...

It is "Mares eat oats,doe's eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy. A kid will eat ivy too, wouldn't you':