29 January 2011

Name Game

I've known from the outset that the Mancub's blog nickname would not remain. I wanted to pick something else, but I couldn't decide what. I figured it would be best to get to know him a little bit first. (Does anyone else find it ironic that I didn't need to know him to give him a real name, but the fake name required weeks and weeks of deliberation?)

I toyed with the idea of naming him after a dictator. After all, babies are sort of like dictators. But, he isn't much of a dictator, and he's too sweet to be named after one.

I thought of going with a theme like Science Teacher Mommy, but I don't really know what my kid likes yet, so a theme wasn't plausible.

I thought of naming him after a character in a book, like Janssen did, but none of the characters I like really fit for him.

I thought of Squeaker because he squeaks a lot, and my mom suggested Bobblehead because his head can be amusingly wobbly sometimes. However, those are both names that he'll grow out of, and I want something that will stick with him.

I finally settled on a name this week.



Jana said...

Cute! And yes, I find it both ironic and hilarious that selecting his blog nickname presented this much more of a challenge than choosing his actual name :). But I think they're both winners!

Janssen said...

So. . . why Ike?

Alice said...


P1 Steven said...

Ike is the name of the baby on Southpark....