07 January 2011

Review: Qwirkle

I haven't reviewed a board game in a while, which certainly doesn't mean that I have lost my interest in them. Oh no, I'm far too nerdy to ever lose my interest in board games.

This year for Christmas Eric's brother got his parents a game called Qwirkle. We played it quite a bit while we stayed at their house for Christmas, and now it's on my list of board games we need to acquire.

The premise of the board game is really simple. In fact, you can probably figure it out basically by looking at the picture. The object of the game is to create strings of tiles with like colors or shapes. Where possible, you want to double up your points by placing tiles where they can be counted in two lines. (Think about Scrabble where you can count two words if you play the tiles correctly.)

This is a great game if you are looking for something that won't take a ton of time. Plus, it is a great game for kids. It's decent for only two players, but it is definitely better with at least three people.


Janssen said...

This is an excellent one.

Have you played Wits & Wagers?

Brianne said...

We also enjoyed this game.

Sean said...

If you really do want to buy it, it's currently available on Amazon for over half off, only $16.49. Looks like a fun one. http://www.amazon.com/MindWare-32016-Qwirkle-Board-Game/dp/1933054395/ref=pd_ts_t_1?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games

Ana said...

Looks like a simplified version of dominoes :)