13 December 2009

Blogging Break

Fact: I am entering a genealogy writing contest.
Fact: The paper is due 31 December 2009.
Fact: The paper is mostly done because I used my paper from my capstone class at BYU.
Fact: The organization hosting the contest includes footnotes in the word count.
Fact: The text of my paper is 5,695 words.
Fact: There are 216 footnotes.
Fact: There are 4,846 words in the footnotes.

Total word count: 10,541.

And this is after significant paring. And there is no introduction and only a small conclusion. Plus there is formatting and citation checking to do. I have got to buckle down and get this baby done.

Plus, I really want to finish reading 52 books this year, and right now I have only 49.

Plus, family members are arriving this week from out of town, and I really want to hang out with them and not spend all my time in the next few weeks with my face plastered to a computer or my nose buried in a book.

It is 13 December. You can see my dilemma. I don't have enough time. I will be taking a blogging hiatus, or at least a blogging slow-down while I try to accomplish everything I want to accomplish this year.

I will tell you, though, that Eric and I went to a car auction yesterday. We bought a car. It was kind of reckless, and now we both have buyer's remorse. It was a very cheap car, and we mostly just need it for Eric to get around the town. We've named it Dudley because we have great concerns that he will, in fact, be a dud.

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Lanette said...

Well I'll miss reading your posts, but it sounds like you'll be swamped. Happy writing (that is really really impressive) and reading, and good luck with Dudley. Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

Dudley! Can't wait to meet him.
And having your face plastered to a computer would not be pretty. I agree. You should entertain and write instead.

RA said...

Do you need help with your paper? This is the kind of thing I do for work, so let me know if you need a second pair of eyes for formatting or checking sources.

Packrat said...

We shouldn't even be bugging you with comments. :) Good luck!