22 December 2008

Guess Who's Home!

Eric and I have been keeping a secret. A big secret. A phenomenal secret that has nothing to do with any additions to our family.

Well, actually, it’s only been a secret to some. Heaps of people have known about the secret. The only ones not to know were Eric’s family.

Those of you in the know already know what Eric’s family didn’t know. And the rest of you are probably dying to know what so many others already know and what Eric’s family got to know on December 21.

We came home early. We just showed up on December 21 and walked in Eric’s parents’ house. Check out the video.


We had to tell a lot of fibs to get this to work properly, and we owe many friends many thanks for helping us to pull it off without a hitch. His parents had no idea. None. They thought we were coming home in March, which was the plan before I got laid off and was unable to find new employment.

Now, going to the Great Barrier Island was true. We did go there. But we didn’t go back to Dunedin afterward. On the contrary. We went to Auckland for one night, Tahiti for eight hours, Los Angeles for a couple of hours and then home to Utah.

Posts and pictures to come! (And for those cousins who read the blog, could you keep this quiet? Grandma and Grandpa L don't know yet, and we want to surprise them on Christmas Eve!)


Jennifer Lee said...

What a great Christmas surprise for his family! Having family arrive unexpectedly is the best kind of surprise.

Brianne said...

I was wondering about the reaction! We got the watered-down, calmed-down version later. Now I know. Welcome home!

Janssen said...

VERY fun!

A or H Bowen said...

So fun! Welcome home!

Kristy said...

AWESOME surprise!

bubby69 said...

I'm crying just watching the video that was awesome great surprise. I love when Eric's mum says "thanks for coming" We miss you here in sunny Dunedin 30 degrees here at the moment. xxxx

Jillybean said...

Way to go on being the top sneaky people in the world! That's quite the secret to pull off!

from NC--NKL and Fam said...

I'm so glad you posted the video! What a treat for those of us who would have loved to see it in person!

Tim and Lara said...

Loved the video! Laughed out loud,by myself at work...kudos to you two sneaky birds.