06 December 2008

Some of you may have noticed in our recent pictures that Eric grew a beard. He rather fancied himself with a beard, and I had mixed feelings about it. To be honest, I thought it usually looked quite nice. But I hated the way it felt, and we had to completely alter our method of kissing so I wasn't bothered by the itchiness of it.

And then it started to get shaggy (although the above picture is from two weeks ago, so trust me, it was worse!), so I insisted on him shaving it, and he said he was about ready to be done with it, but could he please have a mustache?

Before he even shaved himself a mustache, I was repulsed by the idea. Somebody in our branch grew a mustache for November, and it was dubbed The Pedophile Mustache. I'd say we could give Eric's mustache the same moniker.

Anyone needing to teach their kids about Stranger Danger? Feel free to use this photo. (And, we've got more!)

The mustache lasted about thirty minutes as I wouldn't let Eric come near me with it.

Ah! That's so much better! The clean-shaven man I met and married!


Brianne said...

We are laughing out loud!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I love Plantboy's scruff--it is adorable, but totally unkissable. Okay, NOT unkissable, but it really tears up my face. He keeps long sideburns and one little patch of shagginess under his bottom lip. So cute.

As for any mustache . . . yikes. It is like 70's porn star.

Jon said...

When has Eric never frightened small children?

Kristy said...

Oh, that is hilarious. Awesome.

bubby69 said...
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Alice said...

I want to know how "Science Teacher Mommy" knows what
"70's porn star" looks like?

Clean face is so much better than old scruff face. However I have noticed that men sometimes need for "I am a man "thing"

AmiZOOKey said...

I agree!! HILARIOUS. I screamed with laughter and agreement when you showed me this picture and told me your opinion of it. Stranger danger poster boy! I myself REFUSED to let Chris grow a mo for mo-vember. UGH. Chris stuck up for you though Eric :)

Also I agree with Alice - how does Science Teacher Mommy know that?! haha

AmiZOOKey said...

I just showed this to Jonty and Michael and asked what they thought of Eric with a mustache - Jonts laughed out loud with a big goofy laugh and said "Ha, HA, HA - That looks FUNNY!!!!!"
(at Jonty-volume of course)