14 December 2008

In case you need something mindless and boring to read while I'm on the beach...

4 Favorite TV Shows:
4. The Office
3. The Daily Show
2. Jeopardy! (Haven't seen it in years, literally.)
1. hmmm... I really can't think of another one. I generally hate TV.

4 Things I did yesterday: (I'm assuming I did these things yesterday seeing as how I wrote this post over a week ago and set it to post while I'm living an Internet-free life on a beach.)
4. Swam in the South Pacific.
3. Ate seafood.
2. Read.
1. Applied sunscreen.

4 Things I'm looking forward to:
4. Cafe Rio salad. I know it's still a while away, but I've been wanting one ever since I moved here.
3. New nephew (maybe he's around by the time this posts!), and two other new ones (don't know the genders yet) coming in 2009.
2. Going to the temple again.
1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- the movie comes out in June or July, I think!

4 Favorite restaurants:
4. Thai Ruby
3. Cafe Rio
2. Mimi's Cafe
1. Pita Pit

4 Foods I hate:
4. Mayonaise.
3. White bread.
2. Canned tomato soup.
1. Spaghettios.

4 things I want to learn:
4. how to fish
3. how to play bridge
2. how to repair household appliances
1. how to make an angel food cake

4 Things I'm obsessed with:
4. Proper spelling. If nothing else, use spellcheck!
3. Babies, pregnancy, labor
2. Eric
1. the Internet

4 Things you may not have known about me:
4. I'll try any food once.
3. I am an intellectual elitist.
2. I once dated an illegal immigrant. (Don't ask.)
1. If you mix beef and chicken I will look down on you. (This is especially true of broths and gravies).

4 Words that crack me up:
4. Seven (said like a kiwi)
3. Due (said like a kiwi)
2. Excellent (said like a kiwi)
1. Daddy (said like a kiwi)

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