28 April 2009

The Quiz Doesn't Lie

I convinced Eric to take this quiz-ish thing about relationships. At the end you pay some money and you get a very detailed report showing how you each view different aspects of your relationship. It is good ground for discussions about concerns, strengths and weaknesses. I didn't actually pay for the quiz until tonight, and Eric is at work, so I've been reviewing the results by myself. After getting through the first few pages I called him and had a discussion with him about the first few graphs. (The report is like 30 pages, so I was nowhere near finished). I had a fun chat with him about the tendencies of the graph and how I couldn't wait for him to get home to discuss with me.

Then I saw this little chart:

Naturally I called Eric and shouted into the phone, "YOU THINK I'M VOLATILE! I'LL SHOW YOU VOLATILE!"

Naturally, Eric said he couldn't talk right then and we'd have to discuss this "later."

(No, I'm kidding. I joked with him about how he is clearly avoidant and I am probably somewhere between volatile and validating. But the first story is obviously better).


Jon said...

I chuckled at the pseudo-phone call. Well done, well done.

Giggles said...

My last job at BYU was with them! My duties included answering questions, taking money, and getting the tests processed. I looked over the questions, there are some real good ones there.

Have fun with your graphs!

Bart said...

Dangerous stuff. Most evaluations are anonymous for a good reason. Haha.

Alice said...

Your Dad and I use to take some of those quizes, they always told us we shouldn't be married. We 43 years isn't too bad for not met for one another.