09 April 2009

It's Pat!

There are lots of cross-gender names these days. That is, names that can work for a boy or a girl. When you hear the following names, what gender do you generally think of?

  • Taylor
  • Reagan
  • Leslie
  • Jamie
  • Tye
  • Kennedy
  • Renee
  • Payton
  • Riley
  • Alexis
  • Sydney
  • Ashley
  • Kelly
  • Leslie
  • Pat
I have some very specific gender assignments for some of these, and I'm almost always surprised when things don't match up like I expect. At the same time, there are some names that I know can go either way, but I still associate those names with one gender in particular. Comment away. I'll post my opinions shortly.


Janet said...

I have a definite feeling that names should be gender specific and am frustrated by the changes norms on this subject. I have a brother named "Lynn" and he was always receiving mail to "Miss Lynn" I like names for which the gender can't be mistaken.

Priscilla said...

So at work, I call people alot. And I get kinda annoyed when people have names that are not gender specific. I get even more annoyed when people have made up names. But I get the most annoyed when people have real names but with an stupid, made up spelling. That is all.

Angela Noelle said...

Taylor, Reagan, Tye, Kennedy,

Leslie, Renee, Alexis, Sydney, Kelly, Pat

Jamie, Riley, Ashley

I know they can go either, but when I hear them, that's what I think. With those final three, I do think, "Now that could be either..."

"Kelly" caught me off-guard when it was a dudey rudey.

Gretchen said...

My first reaction is always approximately the following.

Boys: Taylor, Tye, Payton, Riley

Girls: Leslie, Jamie, Renee, Alexis, Sydney, Ashley, Kelly, Pat

Names I Can Only Think of as Last Names and Therefore Never Know: Reagan, Kennedy

I think there is a serious trend toward turning names into girl names. As if it weren't already hard enough to find a boy name, the few that are left all getting "tainted" by girly associations.