19 April 2009

It's Pat, a girl!

Regarding the post the other day about gender-specific names, here are my opinions:
  • Taylor- Boy. Although, it's one that can go either way.
  • Reagan- Girl, but just barely.
  • Leslie- Girl.
  • Jamie- Boy, even though I've know more girls named Jamie than boys.
  • Tye- Boy. Undoubtedly. (I worked with a woman named Tye, and when I mentioned to somebody else that I think Ty(e) is boy's name, she was very surprised).
  • Kennedy- Girl, but I think it is a decidedly masculine name.
  • Renee- Girl. Girl. Girl.
  • Payton- Boy. Maybe because it makes me think of Patton.
  • Riley- Boy.
  • Alexis- Girl.
  • Sydney- Boy. Thank you, Sidney Rigdon.
  • Ashley- Girl, even though I know it was a boy's name first.
  • Kelly- Girl. And I always think of Saved By the Bell.
  • Pat- Girl, because I had a female boss named Pat.
What do you think? Any gender-neutral names I neglected? Any names that I am dead wrong about? (The correct answer to that is "no.")

Editor's Note: I meant to post-date this post, but I blew it and it posted right after the first. I post-dated it after I had already received several comments. This is why the comments are dated before the post date.


bubby69 said...

Stacey can be girl or boy I prefer the name for a girl

bubby69 said...
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bubby69 said...

what about Frankie???

Janssen said...

# Taylor - either one
# Reagan - either one
# Leslie - girl
# Jamie - girl
# Tye - boy
# Kennedy - girl
# Renee - girl
# Payton - girl
# Riley - girl
# Alexis - girl
# Sydney - girl
# Ashley - girl
# Kelly - girl
# Leslie - girl
# Pat - neither, ick.

Packrat said...

I guess Renee is the only one that I'd say goes with one gender - female. And, the only Riley I've ever know is female. Since you are using derivatives/shortened versions of names, here are some more that could go either way:
Carol, Beverly, Carmen, Rudy, Michelle (sp?), Bailey, Holly (Hollis), Val, Jean, Dannie, Brady, Charlie, Sam, Dee, Lee, Lynn, Lou, Kay(e), Nicky, Connie, Ronnie, Kim, Cam, Dana, Adrian, Laurie. There must be many more, but I just ran out. :) Oh, I even know a Tommi (female).

Packrat said...

Oh, I forgot Billie, Bobbie, and Clare, Willie, and Bert. I think I'm done now. LOL

Jenny said...

All I can say is everytime I hear the name Pat, I have visions of SNL's Pat. Are you old enough to remember Pat?

Anne-Marie said...

Jordan is one that gets used either way here quite a lot. I know equal numbers of both boys and girls thanks to school. I recently met a VERY cute little girl who's name was Michael. Not sure if they spelt it the same but it was Michael for sure! Ben thought that was odd!