01 April 2009

Easy Money

I've mentioned before that Eric and I have credit cards with Southwest airlines that earn us tickets with said airline. And let's face it, these credit cards work to make us very loyal customers. On the rare occasion that we find tickets less expensive on another airline, we will still buy the tickets with Southwest because doing so puts us that much closer to having a free ticket with Southwest. Plus, if you buy tickets with Southwest and the prices go down, you can call Southwest, and they will give you a credit for the difference.

I did have to spend about ten minutes on hold, and then there seemed to be a some sort of snag, but the girl I talked to was really friendly and helpful, and she made sure everything got taken care of. And now I have a $40 credit on Southwest. Plus, since I'm not flying until the beginning of June, I'll continue to check the ticket prices until then, and I'll give Southwest a call any time the prices go down again. Even if the prices only go down $10, it ends up being $40 ($10 each way times two people). Ten minutes on hold for $40? Totally worth it.

Really, though, this is why Southwest is still in business. Sure, they aren't a super-snazzy airline. But what they lack in style, they make up for in prices and service. I have had consistently excellent service with Southwest airlines. Not only that, but I have found their prices to be consistently more awesome than other airlines' prices.

I'm not very loyal to brands, but I am often finding myself more and more loyal to Southwest Airlines.


Giggles said...

I'll have to remember that about them crediting you when the prices go down.

With what the other airlines are charging, plus all the extras they are charging for, or all the extras they've stopped providing, Southwest really has a lot going for it.

Bart said...

Janssen is really good about checking to see if prices have gone down. And prices do go down! And we save money! Love Southwest.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I love your current booklist by the way.

Jenn said...

I'm assuming this flight in June is for my wedding? ;) Hooray!

Dusty and Amy said...

Didn't know about the lower price credit thing...pretty sweet. Thanks!