31 March 2009

A Shopping Date

Today I created an L Family Rule: Always go to Ross first. Whatever clothing or household item you are getting you can probably find at Ross for a better price. We mostly only bought stuff that we actually needed, even though we entered the store intending to buy pants. I did buy one pair of pants, and we got a fair amount of other stuff too.

And it was fun. I don't normally like to shop, but I rather enjoyed myself today. Plus! As we were leaving Ross, I saw the light on at Krispy Kreme! So, we went and bought one doughnut for Eric, and I got a free one for myself. Never mind the fact that I had already had ice cream before Eric came home from work.

Let's hope I can still fit in the pants I bought.

(This post just goes to show you that I really do have a problem with consuming too much sugar).


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I have a "Goodwill before Ross" rule at my house. Except for household items. Cat hair covered throw pillows from 1977 are just gross.

Priscilla said...

I have a problem with Ross, and it's not them, it's me. Ross can be a dangerous place for me. I can find some way fabulous stuff at a shockingly low price. But at the same time, I can buy stuff that seems cool, until I actually wear it out in public. Then, I find myself thinking, "Oh no, what have I done?" And suddenly, there is a new item in the DI bag. And yes, this is a problem that has happened a few times.