14 March 2009

Pi Day

Today is Pi Day (March 14 = 3/14 = 3.14, you get the idea). For the past few years I've read blogs about celebrating Pi Day by eating pie, and each year I've been envious because I totally forgot the "holiday." This year, I remembered, and we celebrated in style, a la banana cream pie. Did you remember Pi Day? How did you celebrate?

Do my Kiwi friends recognize Pi Day? The British standard for writing dates puts the day first, which actually makes more sense because then you are listing the date from smallest segment to largest. Because of that, there is no Pi Day in the British standard because it would have to be April 31 (31-4), and there is no such date. Either that or the third day of the fourteenth month (3-14), and there is no such month. So, do you completely miss out on the "holiday" or do you switch to American standards for a day?


Angela Noelle said...

Hadn't even heard about it until I read about the event on yours and another blog...perhaps a second kiwi opinion will confirm Pi Day's status down under?

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Ooo. . . you must remind us EARLY next year so we can all celebrate together. What fun! It would be a good enrichment activity . ..

Alice said...

We were going to have apple pie, but the missionarys didn't make it so, we are saving the pie for tomorrow. How lame.

AmiZOOKey said...

never heard of it till reading this blog!!

bubby69 said...

never heard of it and Dave will be totally interested what great excuse to have pie yum

Jenny said...

You're funny.
Happy belated Pi-Day!
My son who's a senior in HS celebrated with all kinds of pi-ness at school. We let that suffice.

Jenn said...

Oh no! I totally forgot about Pi Day! I have celebrate faithfully for the past 5 years with full-blown Pi PARTIES! I can't believe I forgot!!!

I remember celebrating Mole Day in Mrs. Motsinger's class? Did we ever celebrate Pi Day at school?

Marcindra LaPriel said...

Haha! I had forgotten about how messed up I would get in NZ when dates were written like that. I tried writing it in their style in my journal. It never stuck.

And where are these Tim Tams?! Should I start sending hate mail to Target?

Giggles said...

I've celebrated Pi Day for years. And the following day (March 15th), is the Ides of March, which requires a celebration in honor of the brutal stabbing by his friends of Caesar. Or something like that.

We had a total of five different pies at my party. Also served was Little Caesar's pizza and Caesar salad.

Hooray for PIe!

notes about my Pi party