21 December 2009

Blogging Again

Done and done.

A paper that was originally 10,536 words with 211 footnotes consisting of 4,972 words is now a paper of 5,371 words with 196 footnotes consisting of 4,493 words. Now I just need to print it and mail it. Extra special thanks to RA for giving my paper a solid edit, helping me pare it down, fix some wacky footnotes, and correct some major numbering issues.

My book count is up to 51, and my carpool buddy and I will finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before Christmas Eve, which means I'll meet my goal of 52. (Is it a total cop-out that four of the books in my five-most-recent books list are from the Little House series? Hmm... I don't particularly care.)

All the family that is coming into town is now in town. Let the festivities begin.


bubby69 said...

Welcome back I was having a slight anxiety attack that I wouldn't have anything to read over the Christmas holiday. Well done on your achievement of reading books sure beats my one. Although I've started Eclipse now should have it read before the next movie. Hope you and Eric have a wonderful Christmas xxx

Jenny said...

Let the wild rumpus start.
Merry Christmas!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

What one determined woman can accomplish in a week never ceases to amaze me. Good on ya' mate!

RA said...

Yeah! Good luck in the contest!