10 December 2009

New Indian Restaurant

Last night Eric and I went out for Indian food. We love Indian food. Not as much as we love Thai food, but, oh, we love Indian food. In the past when we have wanted Indian food, we headed straight for the Bombay House located on University Avenue. In fact, when Eric's parents took us out to celebrate Eric's completion of his master's degree, we chose the Bombay House. But recently, a new Indian restaurant has opened up, only a few blocks from Bombay House. It's called the India Palace, and it was great. I would say that it is comparable to Bombay House in price, menu selection and quality of food. But it far surpassed Bombay House in quality of customer service. Far, far, far. I've often felt like the servers at Bombay House were a bit rude, but at India Palace, they were super friendly. They even brought us a free appetizer because the wait for our meals was going to be a little longer than usual. In actuality, the wait was no worse than I would have expected for the amount of customers in the restaurant.

I know this only matters to those of you who live in the Provo area, but I wanted to fill you in on the fact that I approve and endorse the India Palace. Go try it some time.


Janssen said...

I've been to both multiple times, and I still have to say I prefer Bombay House.

Megan said...

We have been there and we really liked it. And I know what you mean about the customer service. While we were distracted looking over the menu, Matilda decided to climb out of the highchair. A passing server caught her just as she was starting to fall. That is what I call customer service.

b. said...

This restaurant is owned by one of my dear friends...Kulwinder and her husband. Nice people.
I don't like Indian food, but went to support them...I LOVED the atmosphere of the building.

(Hi! Came here via google reader - Jen)