22 August 2007

Here's to you, Library Girl

I'll admit it. Sometimes I am very bad about turning in library books. I just forget when they're due. Or I'm not done with them, and so I keep them.

This happened during Summer term. I kept three books six days late, and one book ten days late bringing my fine total to $28. Usually when I had turned in books late to the HBLL I was not fined, but I was fined this time because somebody was waiting for the books.

Last week, I figured I may as well get the fine paid so I wouldn't have to wait for my diploma. I walked up to the the nice girl at the circulation desk and told her that I had a pretty hearty fine, and I wanted to pay it so I could get my diploma. She looked me up and then asked me if I knew the fine policy. I told her that I guessed the fine policy was something like, "If you turn in books late you have to pay a fine. Although, I've never actually had to pay a fine before. I guess I was fined this time because somebody had the books on hold." She said that my assumption was correct. And then, the nice girl won my heart when she said, "Since you've never had a fine before and you're about to graduate, I'll go ahead and clear the fine. Just make sure you turn in your books on time in the future."

Anything you say, Library Girl.


Anonymous said...

I read this to Bryan using your inflections, and we both just giggled because it was such a nice heart-warming story. I'm glad you didn't have to pay such a horrendous fine. I also like the allusion to the beer commercials.

Kristy said...

I think Jared got at least one $70 fine cleared PER YEAR. A little charm goes a long way with those library girls. :)