08 August 2007

I'll Take the Stairs

Eric and I pay reduced rent to cook dinner for our landlady, Louise, every night. We also take care of a few household chores and yard work. When a day comes when we do not have to cook dinner, we relish it. Tonight through Saturday we don't have to cook dinner for Louise, so we've decided to go out to eat a few times.

Tonight Eric came to pick me up from work at 5 so we could go get some Cafe Rio. He arrived in the parking lot, and I suggested that he come up so he could carry some boxes to our car. (The boxes are for the upcoming move). A few minutes later, he still had not arrived, and I was beginning to wonder what was taking him so long.

Then the president, David, said "It looks like the elevator is broken, so you'll need to take the stairs."

Oh dear. My immediate thought was that Eric must be stuck inside the elevator. Then, "No, that can't be. Probably he is just staring blankly at the closed elevator doors wondering why the elevator isn't coming to get him."

And then I called him.

He is currently stuck in the elevator.

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the one and only....me said...

hey sherry!!!i love you sis!!just wanted to let you know i started my own blog.....so yah...talk to you later...hugz and kisses