13 August 2007

No more homework, No more books!

I'm finished with school. And life is great.

I remember thinking during the Winter 2007 semester, "Oh man, I can't wait to be finished with school. Once I'm done my life will be so much better- so much less stressful. Wait, self, don't get so excited. What if being done with school isn't as great as you think it will be? Don't get your hopes up."

But, do you know what? It IS as great as I thought it would be. I love coming home and not doing homework. I love not having lingering thoughts of "You should be studying," anytime I'm doing something fun. I love that I don't have to take any tests. I love reading what I want to read. And, I'll admit it, I love sitting around doing absolutely nothing on occasion.

I've felt like I've been done since I only took one class in the Spring (the one where I said that my paper wasn't good, but it was good enough- and I actually got an A in that class). And I only took one class in the Summer- my internship class- the one where I never had to go to class, take any tests or do anything remotely academic except for submit a one-page, double-spaced paper at the end explaining what I did and what I learned.

It's great to be done. I'm excited to readreadread, get going on genealogy for fun, brush up on my Spanish with some Spanish language software, go on more walks and hikes, and... anything that isn't school.

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Jaime said...

I completely agree. I love coming home and being able to pursue my own hobbies, or just plain vegging out and watching too much HGTV =) I always feel guilty, though, because my husband is still in school and all I want to do is play!