23 February 2013

Thanksgiving Point

Our cabin fever has not really diminished, even with our passes to the Living Planet Aquarium. In addition to those passes, we bought memberships to Thanksgiving Point, which is significantly more expensive, but also significantly closer to home and with substantially more to do. We are really glad we bought the passes.

Ike wakes up every day and says, "Di-saurs?" He loves to go to the dinosaur museum. I enjoy taking him because it's out of the house, and it's a lot of fun. At the end there is a giant sandbox where the children can dig for dinosaur bones. It's a big hit every time. Throughout the museum there are 13 hidden gnomes. A museum paleontologist showed us where one was, and I was able to find one more. Every time we go I spend the whole time looking for gnomes amid the displays and painted into the murals. (I'm sure the paleontologist was really excited when we approached him to ask a question. And then he was probably really disheartened to realize that he went to years of school to become an expert in his field only to be asked where the gnomes were.)

I also really like the Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. Two Saturdays ago we got there just at the end of the cow milking. I was pretty thrilled to have a turn milking the cow. I am not kidding when I say that I had always wanted to milk a cow, and now I have. (I've told this fact to about four people. Two have responded with "ME TOO!" type reactions. Two have responded with "Really? Why?" reactions.) Ike is especially fond of the pony rides. It's hard to get much of a reaction from him during the ride, but when the day is done and we ask him what he did during the day, "A horse!" is usually at the top of his list.

In just a few weeks the gardens will be open. I can't wait!

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