04 February 2013

My Apologies

A long while ago I got rid of word verification on comments on my blog. I didn't like to do them on other people's blogs because they are annoying and have become impossible to read. (Apparently, they are also a monstrous pain if you are reading a blog on a phone.)

Alas, I have to turn the word verifications back on. I have been getting a bucket-load of spam comments, and Blogger has only been mediocre at weeding them out for me. I'm sorry if this makes you hate me or makes you less likely to comment, (though I don't blame you for either.)

To make you feel better, enjoy these horribly pixelated pictures of Felix at work (taken with my five-year-old flip-phone).


Angela Noelle of SK said...

It was the same for me. SO MUCH SPAM.

Jana said...

Well, I guess this will be a test of our blog-centered friendship because word verifications drive me crazy... but I totally understand and will probably find it in my heart to comment anyways. What I don't get is when private bloggers have word verifications - shouldn't that be completely unnecessary??

Packrat said...

Missed this post until now. I, too, have to have word verification on, otherwise I receive all kinds of awful spam.