06 February 2013

Felix: Four Months

It is hard for me to write these updates without comparing Felix to Ike. I want to avoid comparing them because I don't want Felix to grow up and read my blog and say, "Gee mom, couldn't you say anything about me without talking about Ike in the same breath?" Having only had one baby before Felix, it is very easy to think about how the two are different, and oh, they are different.

Felix is such a smiley baby. He smiles readily and easily at me and at Eric. Strangers are not as lucky, and he usually furrows his brow at them. Everyone still comments that he is such a serious baby, but he's not so serious around his family.

Last week Ike and I had Felix laughing up a storm. It was so fun. I was surprised at how much giggling we got out of him this early. (Ike did not laugh like that for a few more months, and then only when he was being tickled.) We haven't gotten those giggles out of Felix since then, but I look forward to when we can do it again. Hopefully Eric will be there, and he won't have to settle for hearing the giggles over the phone.

Felix likes to have my attention. When I'm working he needs me to check in with him and acknowledge him fairly regularly. He is not particularly content to do his own thing. He is very interactive and loves to be held, sung to, talked to and generally played with.

He is a really good sleeper. I am so grateful for that. He doesn't fall asleep incredibly easily, but he does stay asleep pretty much all night most nights.

Felix's 0-3 month clothes are still large on him, but he finally managed to outgrow his newborn clothes this month. He's just a little guy, and I like him that way.

Ike has really started paying more attention to Felix this month and is especially good at showing Felix how he can jump, as well as giving Felix hugs and kisses. It's adorable, and I look forward to these boys being the best of friends when they are bigger.

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Packrat said...

Such a cutie! Wow, Felix is small (as in I'm not sure my newborns were even that small, lol), but he looks really happy & healthy.