11 February 2013

Language Development

I wish I had taken a class on language development in children while I was in college. I find it so interesting and amusing to watch Ike's language skills advance. Anyone have some book recommendations on the topic?

One of my favorite things about Ike at his current age is the way he talks. Sometimes it's frustrating trying to decipher what he's trying to say, but for the most part I love it. I am amazed at all the things he can say, and I love the way his tones and inflections often mimic the way that Eric and I talk to him.

I also love to work with him on his pronunciation. It usually goes a lot like this:

"Ike, say 'grandpa.'"


"Say 'gr, gr, gr, grandpa.'"


"Say 'grandma great.'"


"Good! Now say 'GRandpa.'"


"Ike, say 'milk.'"


"Say 'mama.'"


"Good, say 'more.'"


"Say 'mouse.'"


"Say 'mess.'"


"Good. Say 'm-m-m-milk.'"


"Say 'airplane.'"


"Say 'air.'"


"Say 'plane.'"


"Say 'airplane.'"



heidikins said...

My grandparents are nicknamed "Bub" and "Famp" due to the first grandkids who couldn't say G's or R's.

Granny became Bubby which became Bub.
Grandpa became Fampa which became Famp.

As an adult, all the grandkids still use these endearing nicknames, our grandparents even signed our birthday cards "Love, Bub and Famp," and it makes our grandparents that much more special. It's MY Bub, MY Famp. No one else has them.


Brianne said...

My toddler uses the filler word "uh" a lot. He knows he needs some word (usually a verb or preposition), but he's not sure which. So he supplies "uh." Such as, "Your name uh mommy." Or "Go uh uh store."

Michelle said...

My three year old can say any word that begins with a "C" but when he says his name he uses a T. Maybe we need to consider a name change for him.

Jenn said...

So cute. Libby pronounces "grapefruit" and "playgroup" exactly the same, which made for a really funny morning when we were eating grapefruit for breakfast and getting ready for playgroup.

Ana said...

For aaaaagggeeees, Wombat would pronounce his 'y's as 'l's - particularly the word yellow. He would say lellow. Drove Chris CRAZY. Chris would devote large amounts of his time attempting to train him over and over to say yellow - much like your experiences - he could get him to pronounce the sounds properly when broken up into syllables. But when put together - no luck. Finally, one day the boys were quoting from "The Bee Movie" the line where Barry is looking through his closet at his tops - "Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black - Hey! Black and Yellow - Let's change it up a bit!"
Wombat was repeating this line over and over, unconsciously pronouncing yellow correctly, and then all three of them at once realised he was saying yellow and not lellow and got very excited. He was very pleased with himself.

Packrat said...

You probably don't need a book, because it sounds like you've got the right idea on how to teach your child. :)