22 January 2013

Cabin Fever

I'm 100% positive we are not the only people around here with some serious cabin fever. This winter has been abnormally cold, and the horrible Utah smog has been worse than usual, with red alerts in Utah County pretty much every day. That means my asthmatic boy, my asthmatic self and my infant are confined to indoor activities, even if the weather is warm enough that we could go outside. Even Eric is going stir crazy. Last week he started looking at flights to New Zealand. (Don't get your hopes up, Kiwi friends. He also looked at flights to Germany and Brazil. Those flights were about half as much as the ones to our home [far, far, far, far, far] away from home.

We decided on Saturday that we were going to do something fun on Monday since it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Eric would have the day off. I suggested going to the Living Planet Aquarium. I figured it might be more than we really wanted to spend, but the kids would be free, and it would get us out of the house for something fun on Eric's last vacation day until May. (Seriously. He doesn't get President's Day next month. And we live in Utah where nobody gets Good Friday. We need more Catholics around here, that's what I say.) Anyway, we decided the aquarium was the place for us.

When we got there we were surprised to learn that memberships pay for themselves in slightly more than two visits. So we bought them. And I think ultimately we'll be glad we did. The place is a lot of fun. It's rather small, but it's designed with little kids in mind. Pretty much all the exhibits have steps for the children to climb on and peer in. Ike loves animals of all varieties, so this was a great hit. (We pretty much knew he'd love it since he loves to go look at the fish tanks in Wal Mart and PetSmart.) He also really loved the penguins, or "wahwins" as he calls them. (It's one of my favorite words of his. I don't know why.)

I don't have pictures because we were having too good a time enjoying ourselves.


Packrat said...

Sounds like a good "investment". You will go again. As to Good Friday off... I'm not sure anybody but the Catholic school kids get it off anymore. (We live in a predominately Catholic community.)

Jenny said...

I don't have cabin fever, but I DO feel like a walwin. It's frigid.

Jenn said...

I love the Living Planet aquarium. I took groups of kids there as often as possible when I was working at the treatment center. It's so awesome to find good indoor activities for kids. I cannot understand why we don't have those types of things here in the cold, cold Midwest.

Janssen said...

Weren't you just trying to convince me to move to Utah? This is not helping your case.

Ryan said...

I understand the cabin fever all too well.

I dig your blog.