06 January 2013

Felix: Three Months

And just like that my baby was three months old. It has gone by so much faster this time. I'm not sure why.

This boy is serious, and he's sometimes smiley. Yesterday he laughed for the first time, and it was totally out of the blue and utterly delightful. He loves to be held (thank heavens for the K'Tan), and he is getting better at falling asleep to the clickety clackety of typing. He has discovered his hands this month, although he doesn't yet know what to do with them.

He's also discovered his brother. If Ike is around there's a good chance that Felix has his eyes trained home. Felix is fascinated by Ike's movements, especially if he's spinning or dancing. Ike has also started to take more of an interest in Felix, but only a little bit. For the most part Ike just considers Felix a ... well, I don't think Ike really considers Felix much at all.

I don't know how much Felix weighs. I suppose I could hop on the scale with him and then hop off and weigh myself alone and then do the math, but I just haven't yet. I do know that he's little, though. How do I know? Because most of his 0-3 month clothes still swallow him, and he still wears several newborn-sized outfits. At least they are getting plenty of wear. I don't mind that he's small; it's much less tiring for me to tote him around or wear him.

We are loving having Felix in our family. And who wouldn't? Just look at him.


Janssen said...

He is looking SO different from Ike now, I think.

Ani is almost out of her newborn outfits already (some of them are already laughably small). I'm so surprised to have such a big baby!

Packrat said...

Such a cutie!