09 January 2013


Sometimes you start a new year rejuvenated and excited. You're ready to make some goals and get a fresh start on various aspects of your life.

That is not how 2013 started for me. I had two weeks in a row (the one leading up to the new year, and then the first one of the new year) that were just not awesome. I won't bore you with all the details of my overwhelming working mom guilt, with the particular difficulties I experienced catering to the needs of a toddler and infant simultaneously, with my especially stressful and frustrating work challenges, nor with the general malaise I felt starting off the new year. I won't even pretend to be fully recovered from any of these challenges. But in general life is going much better, and I'm ready to set down some goals for 2013.

  • Run a 5K.
  • Allow myself to stop reading books when I realize I don't like them. Keeping a tally of the total number of books I've read is not as important as enjoying the books I've read.
  • Be a more present parent.
That's it. The first one has a directly achievable goal which I can cross off my list. The second is more of a quit-goal than an accomplishment goal. The third will be hard to measure and quantify, but I'm sure I can step away from the computer and sit with a kid or two in my lap more often.

So take that, lousy start to the new year. I'm going to show you who's boss.

(It's not me. The boss is actually the toddler in my house.)

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Jana said...

This is my favorite newyear/resolution/goal/etc post. Probably ever.

(Well, you know, not the part about the two not awesome weeks and the guilt and such... more so the setting of three goals that will benefit your life and mental health and general well-being and family that aren't overwhelming or stressful).