08 July 2009

Three sheets to the wind

During our weekend in Jackson Hole we arrived at our fireworks-watching-spot a few hours before the beginning of the fireworks. This gave us plenty of time to hang around, chat with the adults and play with the kids.

While I was playing with Colette at the playground, my brother, John, was wrestling with the kids. They had been carrying on with the wrestling and running around for quite some time. A rather drunk man came up to my brother and said, "These kids are crazy!" My eleven-year-old nephew, rather unaccustomed to being around inebriated folk replied, "You're kind of crazy!"

I wish I hadn't missed it. I don't know if it was Tyson's first encounter with a plastered fellow, but it brought to memory my own first encounter.

I was eleven. My family and I had attended my first ever Texas Rangers baseball game at the Ballpark in Arlington. The game was against the Minnesota Twins. I don't remember who won, but I think it was the Rangers. As we were leaving amid throngs of people a man started talking to me. He mentioned how crowded it was, and then he said, "Wouldn't it be funny if somebody farted?" Then he laughed. A lot. But I was just confused. Then my mom grabbed my hand and told me not to worry, he was just a friendly drunk.

And that was it. When did you first encounter a sloshed individual?

(Incidentally the drunk man was completely zonked out before the fireworks even began).

Editor's note: As it turns out, when my brother told me Ty's response, he didn't mean my nephew. John meant his friend, also named Ty. So, as it turns out the story is a little less funny than originally published.


Jenn said...

Don't remember my first encounter, but my most memorable occurred when Jess and I were out country dancing at some dance hall in Rowlett and a guy got down on his knee, stretch his arms wide, and told me he loved me.

John said...

All of the children were just shocked by this guys behavior. Actually it was this odd mixture of shock and worry.
As for me, the other night, my first time to see a drunk was just the other night when I was waiting to watch fireworks....no wait, that was the last time...the first time I remember seeing a drunk was also a rangers game. Something about the $5 dollar cheap seats at the old Arlington Stadium really appealed to the drinkers.

AmiZOOKey said...

I remember a friend telling me about an encounter with a chick who was completely stoned at our Senior Formal - apparently she went to go to the toilet and there was a gold fish swimmin' round in the bowl who told her not to pee on him or something along those lines - then there was also apparently a toad sitting atop the toilet who she had a chat with too. I forget what they conversed about.