07 July 2009

"Important" Facts

My nephews have this book. Ooooooh! Educational!

The back of the book agrees:
Give your child a head start with this informative and interactive Lift-A-Flap book. With brilliant colors and peek-a-boo flaps, your child will have a great time learning many important facts about the Presidents of the United states [emphasis added].
Important facts, eh? Let's see what you've got!

What can we learn about Andrew Jackson? He was the only president to fight in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. Interesting.

John Tyler's wife is the reason Hail to the Chief is played to the president? Interesting, but not really important.

James Buchanan was known as the Bachelor President because he promised his wife he'd never remarry after she died? That's sweet. Interesting-ish. Important? I'm not sure.

What's this? Abraham Lincoln was the tallest and the first to have a beard?

I guess that's all I need to know about him!

Seriously though. They couldn't think of anything better than that?


AmiZOOKey said...

It's a kid's book. I'm sure it's important to them. OR ...at least they're NOW going to think they are important facts as the book they have teaches them so.

Bart said...

I suppose "important" is a relative term. But not THAT relative. The book is flawed.

John said...

Your mother purchased the book for them.

Alice said...

Well really Marissa pick the book up for the kids right before they came down this April. We just wanted to get them something really simple and colorful for the little ones. It did the trick, but I guess you put us in our place.